"In one all-female program, Armenian pianist Sofya Melikyan proves an inspired and highly sensitive performer. She always subordinates technical aspects to the rhetoric.” Remy Franck, 4* Pizzicato, July 2018

"Sofya Melikyan breathes the “lyricism" of Granados, she bends and unfolds her keyboard in the intricate arabesques that play with musical time...the depth of the harmony, the roundness of the timbres and the momentum of the accents, the profuse and intense colors, which from a moment to the other become watercolor - listen to her Nightingale!.. The Variations on a theme of Chopin are played with extreme sensitivity, delicacy, and intelligence that do justice to the modest genius, to the fragile poetry of Federico Mompou”. ‘Spanish Piano Music’, Jean-Charles Hoffelé, Discophila, October 2018

"The touch of Sofya Melikyan is soft, sensitive, almost floating but also always nuanced and precise”. ‘Spanish Piano Music’, “Recommendation of the Week” by Klassik Heute, September 2018

"This is an extraordinary, for me perhaps the best of all previous recording of the Goyescas. Sofya Melikyan understands how to play the six extremely demanding pieces in a natural flow and phrases with lyrically wide breath, knows about the spontaneous joy of life, intimacy, romantic longing…but also the pianistic roots of Liszt and Chopin despite the unmistakable atmosphere achieved by Spanish songs and dances. This suite demands a highly differentiated, masterful touch culture which Melikyan masters perfectly”. ‘Spanish Piano Music’, Ingobert Waltenberger, Online Merker, July 2018

“The Goyescas by Granados are performed with brilliant elegance by the Armenian pianist Sofya Melikyan”.‘Spanish piano music’, selected among ‘Best CDs of the summer’ by Taggesspiegel, September 2018

"A recital that fascinates from the first to the last note”. ‘Spanish Piano Music’, Siebe Riedstra, Opusklassiek, April 2018

"The performer, whose expressiveness seems to fit perfectly with the pianistic universe of Mompou, leads us from one variation to another by means of an irreproachable and beautiful phrasing…it’s absolutely necessary to highlight a masterful use of pedal of this major pianist”. ‘Spanish Piano Music’,  Scherzo Magazine, October 2018

"The interpretation of the Armenian pianist Sofya Melikyan is indisputable. Full of subtle nuances, without fuss, it maintains a high intensity throughout the whole program apart from very distinct aesthetics of each composer”.  ‘Women’, Scherzo Magazine, June 2018

"Melikyan’s interpretation of Gubaidulina’s Sonata is superb...Saaariajo’s Prelude is endowed by astonishing depth, an excellent treat of the line and a very rich sound palette”.‘Women’, “GOLDEN DISC”, Melomano Magazine, October 2018

"A strong, self-confident voice rises in the interpretation of the Armenian-born Sofya Melikyan - and on the new CD "Women" she makes a strong statement…”, ‘Women’, Recommendation of the Week, Klassik Heute, September 2018

"Melikyan’s expressive power enhances the value of these compositions…Interpretations full of power that combine high wire virtuosity with a profound musical intuition.” ‘Women’ 4* Ritmo Magazine, June 2018